zero.core v4.0 (alpha)

The core components of the Zero Framework

The heart of this is to get people coding modularly and writing object oriented. If you work with this framework, you will be able to see the benefits of this style of coding. Also, at the heart of this framework is a burning hatred for other frameworks that do way more than be just a frame.

Zero Routing Zero Configuration Zero Bloat

How to use it.

Shit you can't use this without Fuck. include Application.php and instantiate it. It'll load your vendor/autoloader.php and whatever other autoloader you feed it and try to load a Class and call it's method, passing in arguments

For example:

Application will try to load Class and execute method, passing in array("arg1","arg2","arg3") as the argument

Application has some methods you can use to guide it. juse see the documentation.

What's changed since 'v3'


Core Components:

That's it. This is the core of the zero framework. Application.min.php is an attempt to minimize the above into a single class file, but is currently incomplete.

The other modules are optional:

In Depth:

For a truly in-depth look, look at the code. Otherwise, the methods you really want to use are :


Runtime Options: