Zero Framework

The Zero framework is a collection of components designed to make programming web applications and APIs easier and faster, while promoting best standards coding practices.

Individually, each component has excellent uses, and can be used as such since all components are loosely coupled. But used together, they can accelerate development and make your life much easier.

But why write yet another framework?

When I first started coding, I was frustrated at having to learn the specifics of each framework while I was coding. I was frustrated that the framework was trying to be the canvas, too.

I felt these other frameworks brought on too many dependencies, as well.

As the years went on, and Cake, Laravel, Zend, Symphony, WordPress (arguably not a framework, but still perhaps a driving factor in making this) - none of them really seemed to offer anything that made my life easier, but professionaly, my boss wanted P

Zero Framework thus gets it's name from the notion that there should be zero effort involved in learning a framework. Granted, the auxillary components to Zero do have something of a learning curve, the only real thing you have to learn to use Zero is good coding practices.

Ultimately, Zero Framework is nothing more than a front controller. It takes the request, and interprets that into a response using various